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Cloud Based Attendance System

Cloud Based Attendance System

Cloud Based Attendance System

The iTA attendance system is an on-line system based on a cloud application. The cloud based system brings new advantages in the field of time attendance systems.

The iTA attendance system works based on the principle of individual time accounts into which the employee attendance records are sorted and subsequently evaluated. This way, it is possible to record various reasons for the absence of employees as well as overtime or, for example, to report the presence in certain time zones.


  • Low acquisition costs
  • Significant time savings during commissioning
  • Without the need for any installation and without the necessity of server hardware and software
  • Simple control via a web interface
  • High level of data security through encrypted communication and redundant data backup
  • Provision of technical support for users
  • Always up-to-date software, legislation
  • Modern terminal with a touch screen made in the Czech Republic

Datasheet-iTA Cloud Based Attendance System


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